About Us

"To create soy candles using only the best ingredients, filling your space with amazing, premium quality scents"

I started making soy candles by hand back in 2008 at the suggestion of a close friend. How this journey actually began was somewhat by accident. I have always been a 'crafty' person and made hand painted signs and handmade quilts. But it just wasn't my passion - until I started learning more about candles, how people are drawn to them, and how I could make them myself.

And so a new journey began - to create a candle that I would actually want to buy for myself. But after spending time researching and learning about traditional candles and how they are made, I knew I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make a candle with simple ingredients with none of the additives or preservatives you find in so many of the candles available today. I wanted to know what I was burning in my own home and what was being put into the air my family was breathing. I was also tired of the overpowering scents that were put into most candles, and make a candle that was more enjoyable.

The soy candles I offer today were years in the making! Starting in my kitchen and moving to a small space in the basement, Candle Threads began to come to life. My choices were simple, starting with the highest quality soy wax available and adding only the very best scent oils. Toss in a lot of experimentation with friends and family and I finally arrived at a soy candle product I am very proud of today.

And I can't forget to mention the Mason Jar! It's the trademark of our soy candles and I still paint every single one by hand - so you could say that every soy candle I make is unique. That's been important to me since day one and where my true passion is - making a product by hand for my friends, family, and customers. Something I know they will enjoy the same way I do.

I'm not working out of my basement anymore and am now fulfilling a life long dream of owning my own little country candle store! If you're ever in the area, stop in - I love making new Candle Fans!